April 2020 – Chicken of the Month – The Winners

Our Fourth Chicken of the Month competition of the year and yet again we had so many entries, but we could only have 12 finalists. And only one winner. Here are the top three in reverse order.

Chicken of the Month – Joint 3rd Place went to Silky, owned by Amanda Daugherty

“My rooster Silky…with his attitude and fluff….”


Chicken of the Month – 2nd Place went to Emma Jane Bea, that’s the owner. We don’t have any more info. But we’ll find out.

“Emma Jane Bea’s chicken”


And the winner of April Chicken of the Month –  went to Gary, owned by Nikki Lange

“Our daily visitor, Gary (children named her), she leaves her chicken friends and comes in the house everyday to say hi! Bell the cat, isn’t too impressed! ❤️”

There you have it, the winners from April 2020. All beautiful!

Keep an eye out for our next Chicken of the Month competition in May 2020. We will be launching that soon over on social media, so be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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