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  • How to stop chickens jumping over fences

    Are you in the process of getting your backyard ready for chickens for the first time? Worried about them going wandering or eggscaping? Or perhaps you’ve already got some birds and they’re proving to be much more adventurous than you expected. Fear not. Chickens can jump, fly or hop further than most people think, but
  • How much do chickens weigh?

    As with all animals, it’s important for your chickens to not be too fat or too thin. Being underweight or overweight can be a sign of, or can cause serious illness. Keeping them at the right weight will ensure they stay healthy and happy, and that you’ll never be short of delicious eggs. But how
  • Can Chickens Live Alone?

    Usually, when you hear people talk about having chickens, it’s in the plural. Not just one chicken. But what if you’re limited by cost or space and don’t want to squeeze multiple birds into a small area? Or perhaps you had a few birds but most have died leaving one left on its own. Read
  • Do Chickens Have a Sense of Smell?

    Our domesticated feathered friends don’t rely on their noses as much as their sight in terms of their survival instincts, but more and more studies have begun to indicate that a chicken’s sense of smell may be better than we previously assumed. In this compre-hen-sive post, we’ll be outlining some key facts surrounding chickens and
  • Can Chickens Swim?

    Chickens may not be the first animal that comes to mind when thinking about water, but the swimming abilities of these distinct farm animals may surprise you. Despite their lack of waterproof feathers, chickens can indeed swim safely in shallow water for a short length of time while supervised. Whether you’re a chicken owner or
  • Do Chickens Attract Rats?

    Chicken keeping doesn't have to be difficult, but rats can pose a big problem if left unchecked  You really don't need the extra stress of vermin creeping around your coops in the middle of the night, eating all your feed, gnawing on everything and pooping everywhere making you ratty.  With a few smart decisions and
  • Best Bedding for Chickens?

    Deciding on bedding for your chickens can be a difficult and confusing decision, with many options available. From pine shavings, sand, recycled paper and grass clippings, each option comes with its own set of applications. We have compiled the best chicken bedding options out there and covered the key topics that frequently confuse poultry owners

    – and ChickenGuard is playing its part There are estimated to be over 800,000 chicken keepers in the UK, 10 million keepers in Europe and 7 million in the US. Chicken keeping has been part of our lives for thousands of years but the idea of having your own hens faded as battery hens became
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