Chicken Coop Fire

Fire in a Chicken Coop

We were sent this story from Dave and Linda, ChickenGuard owners from ‘way up in the Ozark Mountains’, they’d had a terrible fire in their coop. And sadly many of their chickens died as a result.

“On February 16 of this year we had a weather forecast of 10 degrees below zero with a foot of snow. Being the ever conscious chicken owner, I decided to put a heat lamp in the chicken coop for their comfort.

The next morning I went out to check on everything and found the chicken coop had burned to the ground. Three of 25 chickens survived.

We live way up in the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas and were snowed in for about a week because of the icy roads and hills. It is 35 miles to town. As soon as possible, we bought more chicks and I started building a new chicken coop.

What with the rest of our daily lives continuing on, it took me several weeks to rebuild the coop, but no rush as the new chicks won’t be in it for a couple of months anyway.

Ten to 14 days into construction I found your Chicken Guard on the ground out in the chicken yard. I hadn’t notice at first because it was under a foot of snow.

When I did find it, some of the prefab chicken house plastic had melted around it. I tossed it into the new chicken coop, which had a roof by now, and forgot about it.

Chicken Coop Fire 3

It had rained several times before I found the Chicken Guard controller so I had little hope that it wasn’t fried or drowned. So the controller was fried, drowned, buried in a foot of snow for a week, rained on several times and was face down in the mud the whole time.

Today, March 30, 2021, I decided to scrape enough of the melted plastic off of it, if I could, to get to the screws on the face and try some new batteries in it.

The controller WORKS”

So sad to hear about the chickens and the fire.