Chicken Ownership Survey

Winchester University Chicken Ownership Survey

Jenny is a visiting lecturer at Winchester University and we’d really love it if you could help her out with this survey.

Jenny is keen to carry out an extremely comprehensive survey on non-commercial chicken ownership.

The results will be used to promote chicken welfare. So it’s a great thing for us all to do.

Here’s what the university says …

Please fill out this survey to help enhance backyard chicken welfare! This research is being completed by Jenny Mace, ex-commercial hen carer and visiting lecturer at the University of Winchester.

The survey seeks to collect the most detailed and comprehensive information to date regarding backyard chicken owners’ current care-taking practices, relationship types with their chickens and attitudes towards chickens. I

t is also collecting data on barriers to further enhancing the welfare of backyard chickens and how owners could be best supported in this regard.

You can live in any country; if you care for backyard chickens in a non-commercial capacity, this survey is for you!

Thank you so much for your time! A £50 voucher redeemable at a chicken charity/shop near to you can also be won if you enter the prize draw when prompted.”

It takes about 20 minutes to complete the survey, you can stop and restart anytime you like. Either way, it will be worth the time you put into completing it.

Below is the link. Thank you so much for your help.