ChickenGuard’s Egg-cellent Guide to Christmas Gifts for Chicken Keepers

ChickenGuard’s Egg-cellent Guide to Christmas Gifts for Chicken Keepers… and their flock

It’s on its way. Santa’s ChickenGuard sleigh, with all those Chicken-y presents. Eggtastic gift ideas for the chicken keeper in your life and of course, presents for your lovely girls themselves.

So deck the Coop with boughs of holly.   Get the Chicken Advent Calendar at the ready – we have found the ideal one for chicken keepers! – and have yourself a Very Merry Little Christmas.

Here are our top picks for presents for the Chicken Keeper in your life.  From books to crocheted chicken keychains, and some ideas for Christmas treats for your girls too.

First up you need yourself an Advent Calendar.  A perfect choice for you or any chicken keeper you know.  It features a cute image of chickens roosting on Christmas Eve as they wait for their stockings to be filled.  Of course it also has 24 doors to open.

Click Here: Chicken Advent Calendar

Gifts for Chicken Keepers Advent Calendar
Chicken Advent Calendar

“I Don’t Give a Cluck” Wine Glass

We love our puns and plays on words here at ChickenGuard HQ.  So these “Don’t give a Cluck” wine glasses are a must buy. It is just finding who in the office is going to most appreciate them.  We are sure you will find someone who’ll enjoy them too. An appropriate wine loving, chicken keeping recipient! It comes boxed too.

ChickenGuard Christmas Gifts for Chicken Keepers
I Don’t Give a Cluck Wine Glass

An Egg-cellent Apron

Here’s a brilliant idea for a gift for the egg collector in your family.  This crocheted apron allows you to carry up to 19 eggs at a time with it’s perfectly sized pockets. It is made by crochet-lover Ashlea Konecny.  A rather egg-cellent design.

See the video here:

ChickenGuard Christmas Gifts for Chicken Keepers Chicken Apron
The rather Egg-cellent Chicken egg Apron

Chicken Keychain

This is available from Heart to Home.  As well as the keychain they have tea towels, a tea cosy and mugs, that are egg-ceptionally well designed for chicken keepers.

The Keychain is our particular favourite.   It is made from Sophie Allport’s 100% cotton chicken fabric.  It is a chunky design with a delightful heart shaped metal tag.  It is finished off with a red leather coxcomb and brown leather beak and tail. 

ChickenGuard Christmas Gifts for Chicken Keepers Chicken Keyring
A Fantastic Chicken Keyring

A ChickenGuard Premium

Well it isn’t for us to blow our own trumpets, but you or you’re loved one probably deserve a few more lie-ins in 2020.  With the added benefit that you will be protecting your flock from any predators.  Pop over to our shop to check out the details.

Christmas Gifts for Chicken Keepers ChickenGuard Automatic Coop Opener
Christmas Gifts for Chicken Keepers ChickenGuard Automatic Coop Opener

Silkie Bath Towel Set

We are loving these.  A bath towel set with a brilliant Silkie design.  You can get a bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth.  Plus there are even flip flops and a beach towel.  We were egg-static when we found it.  And you will be too, particularly if you’re buying a present for someone with Silkie’s!

Chickenguard's Guide to Gifts for Chicken keepers Bath Towel
Chicken Bath Towel and Chicken Flip Flops
ChickenGuard Guide to Christmas Gifts for Chicken Keepers
Chicken Flip Flops for Christmas

A Stocking Filler – Natures Grub Mega Pecker

No not for you, for your girls.  Natures Grub Mega Pecker contains mixed corn, grit, seaweed, oregano, mint and garlic. You know they’ll love opening their stocking with this in it!

A stocking filler - Nature's Grub Mega Pecker
A stocking filler for your girls – Nature’s Grub Mega Pecker

Or why not treat them to this Layers Mash by Dodson and Horrell that has been specifically designed for free range and outdoor laying birds. It’s available at Pets at Home.  Layers Mash contains a host of beneficial ingredients including generous levels of calcium and phosphorus to support shell quality and natural yolk pigments.

A bit like Christmas pudding for Chickens!

ChickenGuard Christmas Gifts for Chicken Keepers Dodson and Horrell Layers Mash
Give your Girls a treat with Dodson and Horrell Layers Mash

That’s our ideas for Christmas gifts for chicken keepers.  Let us know if you have more of your own, we’d love to hear them.

Merry Christmas to you and all your Girls