June 2021 – Chicken of the Month

Chicken of the Month June 2021

Here are the results of our June 2021 Chicken of the Month competition. And it is not often that you get the opportunity to say that ‘Gladys beat Beyoncé’ but in this competition we can.

We’ll be running another competition sometime soon for July. Keep you eyes tuned in to our Facebook page so you don’t miss it.

Here are those winners in reverse order.

Third place this month went to Reginald, a little Dutch Bantam owned by Jasmin Yu


Second place went to Beyoncé, a Copper Maran owned by Josh Schaefer


And the winner this month, was Gladys owned by Claire Read and pictured here with Edie her daughter. 


There you have it, the winners from June 2021.

Keep an eye out for our next Chicken of the Month competition later in July.

We will be launching that soon over on social media, so be sure to follow us on Facebook. We’re also on Twitter and Instagram if you fancy either of those.

Take a look at our previous winners here. And don’t forget to keep your beautiful chickens safe with a ChickGuard Auto Coop door opener. #JustSaying.