New ChickenGuard Launched

New and Improved ChickenGuard - Launched

Available NOW.

Our best ever, self-calibrating, upgraded ChickenGuard Premium is now available

We’re so confident that chicken keepers will love the new features that make our ChickenGuards even more reliable and secure than before, that we offer a 3 year warranty on all our products.  

Check out the new range of auto chicken coop door openers here.

1. Multiple Power Sources 

There’s now even more choice – to power using a DC plug as well as batteries and USB. The new battery warning light is visible from 100 meters away, perfect for those darker mornings and nights.

2. Automatic Stop Feature 

To keep chickens safe from getting trapped, the new Automatic Stop Feature senses an obstruction and will automatically stop. This also minimises the risk of string getting tangled up.

3. Automatic door calibration

Now easier to install with self-calibration and manual calibration options available for increased customisation, which is compatible with most chicken coops.