September 2020 – Chicken of the Month – The Winners

September Chicken Guard Chicken of the Month

Wow. We had loads and loads of votes in our Chicken of the Month. And there were three that really stood out and got the most votes. So .. here they are in reverse order.

Chicken of the Month – 3rd place went to Michelle McElwain’s two chickens, Hazel and Cloud.

“Our Hazel (the boss) with her number two (Cloud), discussing plans for the day ❤”


2nd place went to the lovely Nutmeg, Rebecca Harrison’s chicken.

“My Nutmeg on the day I rescued her 🥰”


But September’s Chicken of the Month went to Miss Marple owned by Vickie Goodwin,

“Willow and Miss Marple Watching Chicken Run”


There you have it, the winners from September 2020. All gorgeous!

Keep an eye out for our next Chicken of the Month competition later this month. We will be launching that soon over on social media, so be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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