Tales from the Coop – Introducing the ChickenGuard Chicken Family

Tales from the Coop - Cheepy as a chick

We really should have done this sooner. But better late than never.

Tales from the Coop – Introducing the ChickenGuard Chicken Family.

Update – 1st October 2021

We have names for the new drakes. We had loads of suggestions when we did a shoutout for names over on social media. Thanks to you all for your suggestions. Special thanks to Lisa Mucha Vargo who was our favourite. So now they are called, Cheese and Quackers.

Tales from the Coop - Drakes Names


Update – 29th September 2021

Such sad news, but Cheepy has passed away. A sad loss to us all and she will be sorely missed in the coop. RIP Cheepy.


Introducing – 8th September. 

Hopefully we can bring you some stories and updates from our family of 5 chickens and their keeper, Fiona. But first let us introduce the stars of the show, the chickens.

First up is Cheepy.

Tales from the Coop Cheepy

Will be 9 years old this month, and was hatched by Fiona in an incubator.

Cheepy is a sun loving Vorwerk.

She is the top bird.

The first photo is her as a chick. Bless.

Next up is second in command in the henhouse, it’s Nando.

Tales from the Coop - Nando

Nando is 7 years old and lays lots of dark brown eggs.

Unlike Gracie (below) who no longer lays eggs.

Tales from the Coop - Gracie

Gracie is about 6 years old. She may not be a layer but she is a great mum. She has hatched chickens, guinea fowl and ducks. A gorgeous Pekin.

This one (below) is another Pekin, and she is eternally broody. Her name is Little Bird.

Tales from the Coop - Little Bird

Little Bird was actually hatched by Gracie about three years ago.

The final chicken (at the moment) is Noddy.

Tales from the Coop - Noddy

Noddy is ALWAYS nodding so we couldn’t give he any other name could we?

She’s a 4 year old hybrid and lays big white eggs.

So there you have the five chickens, Cheepy, Nando, Gracie, Little Bird and Noddy. The stars of Tales from the Coop.

Tales from the Coop - Fiona

This is Fiona. Our OCD* suffering chicken keeper.

*OCD – Obsessive Chicken Disorder. 

“When people show me photos of their children, I show them photos of my chickens.  The world does revolve around my chickens.”

Fiona is committed to high chicken welfare

A vegetarian. 

And once had to sell her beautiful rosewood electronic digital piano to pay for a vet bill for just one of her hens. 

She says she is a

totally dedicated yet privileged chicken owner.  The humans in the house are at the bottom of the pecking order

And guess what Fiona has called her house?

Chez Poulet

Warning: Do not ask her about how much she spends in Marks and Spencer on fruit and veg for her wonderful flock.

And this is where all the chickens live.

Tales from the Coop - The Coop


(Obviously that is fitted with a 2014 version ChickenGuard auto coop door).

That is the ChickenGuard family and we will bring more updates from Fiona and the gang in the coming weeks and months.

Tales from the Coop - Signature







Fiona, Tales from the Coop