The Best Gadget of 2019 – A Simple Piece of Tech

Gizmodo Gadget of Year ChickenGuard

Who would have guessed?

Tech giants Gizmodo (“We Come From the Future”) have decided that the ‘life changing’ and ‘marriage saving’ ChickenGuard Premium is THE gadget of 2019.

As Andrew Couts, Gizmodo Managing Editor writes, his reluctant purchase of our automatic chicken coop door opener for his 14 chickens at his house in New York’s Hudson Valley has proved far more useful than any laptop, smart phone, smart watch or headphones. And he bought the new iPhone in 2019.

That’s because Mr Couts knows that chickens are relatively low maintenance (especially compared with his dogs). Just keep them fed and remember to collect the eggs and you’re pretty much done.

But. If you forget to close up the coop in the evening they are likely to be eaten. By foxes, raccoons, weasels or even your neighbours dogs.

That means you need to be at home each evening and remember to close the coop door. And up early in the morning to open it. Or rely on a neighbour to do it. Or your partner. Hence the marriage saving bonus of his ChickenGuard.

With a built in light sensor, the ChickenGuard will open and close the coop door by itself leaving Mr Couts to wonder “just how dumb I was for not buying this contraption from the very beginning.”

You can read the full review of Andrew Couts’ gadget of the year here and follow his adventures on Twitter here.