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    The new All-in-One ChickenGuard. Simply pop in the batteries, screw the unit to the front of your coop and your girls will be safely kept inside when the sun goes down, and let out when it rises, No strings – no worries!

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    Pro Kit


    We put our best selling products together for an incredible combo to protect your chickens year round. ChickenGuard Pro provides automatic open and close features for your chicken coop door, whilst the the Self Locking Door is the ultimate deterrent to predators.

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    Our best-selling automatic Chicken Pop Hole Opener just got a serious upgrade! Alongside our smart timed open and closing function we’ve added a set up wizard to get you up and running in no time.

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    The most reliable and best value opener on the market, with timed open and closing function and LCD display. Enjoy peace of mind and extra snoozes!

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    Self-Locking Door Kit


    Self-Locking Door Kit

    – Helps prevent determined foxes and other predators raising the coop door
    – Innovative self-locking mechanism
    – Tough & durable plastic
    – Strong aluminium door


Deters Predators

We all love a labour-saving device and for chicken owners, it doesn’t get much better than a ‘Stress-Free’ ChickenGuard Automatic Coop door. They deter predators and protect your chickens when your not around and overnight

Allows Extra Hours In Bed

No need to get up early to let the hens out or to rush home before dark to shut the coop, No more getting soaking wet as you brace the elements to open & close the coop in the middle of winter!

Stress Free Time Off

Stress-free weekends away, holidays, overtime or transport delays. No asking for favours from family, friends, or neighbours when you can't be at home

Helps Keep Hens Safe

ChickenGuard is one of the most reliable chicken coop door openers on the market, with a full 3-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring your chicken's safety and your peace of mind.