The most reliable and best value opener on the market, with timed open and closing function and LCD display. Enjoy peace of mind and extra snoozes!


Our Best Value Door Opener

if you are familiar with ChickenGuard you will probably be aware of our previous product range: Standard, Premium and Extreme.
We have spent ten years developing products to serve chickens and their owners. While the new PRO unit brings together the best of Premium & Extreme we have also refined our standard model as the most affordable chicken coop door opener on the market

The ChickenGuard range is now simplified. Standard offers all the essential features at a great value building on what has worked so well for our customers over the past 10 years.

Setup Easy

Insert Batteries

Screw On Back Panel

Screw On Front Panel

Start Setup Wizard

Super-Fast Shipping

2-7 days worldwide shipping

Lifetime Customer Support

From The ChickenGuard Team

3 Year Warranty

A Long Warranty On Our ChickenGuards.


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